A small hamstery based in the West Midlands on the South Staffordshire border, Willow Tree Hamstery specialises in the breeding and exhibiting of Chinese Hamsters.

My breeding ethics

My breeding code and ethic is as follows: baby hamster

– I will only breed to improve the quality of the species and in accordance with the NHC code of practice.
– I will only breed from hamsters that are 100% healthy (all hamsters are extensively health checked and tested for Diabetes/presence of ketones prior to each mating and will not be used if any tests are positive or if any health issues arise).
– I will only breed from animals that have reached the correct age and will not breed from any animal beyond the appropriate age.
– I will not allow more than 2 (3 in very occasional circumstances) litters from any female.
– I will only rehome animals for breeding purposes to breeders that are affiliated with the National Hamster Council.
– I will allow sufficient resting time between the time a litter has left their mother and the time the mother is paired for the second litter.
– I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a hamster to any individual.
– All pups will remain with their mother until they are 4 weeks of age, at which point they will be separated into same sex groups.
– I will not rehome any hamster under the age of 5 weeks old.
– All new owners will receive a 3 generation (minimum) pedigree for their hamster including colour, date of birth and registration number and a care pack containing a small bag of change-over food and information on hamster care. All owners will also receive lifetime advice for their hamster and the guarantee that any hamster bred by me can return should the owner no longer be able to care for it. (No refunds will be given).
– I will offer information and advice on hamsters and hamster care to anyone who shows an interest.
– I will maintain records on all hamsters that come into/leave the hamstery including pedigrees, parentage, colour, origin of each hamster and details of new owners of any pups that leave the hamstery.
– I will provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for all of my hamsters, including cages that meet/exceed the NHC guidelines, and will seek out veterinary treatment whenever a hamster needs it.
– I will be honest in all dealings and correspondence with new owners.
– I will not cull any animal.

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